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Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Grawlix Podcast #47 Pre-Show

We normally don't upload a Pre-Show for the 2nd episode of the month BUT sometimes the talk before an episode is too fun to simply delete. From time traveling via Google Maps to mansplaining to your cats this Pre-Show takes you through the messy (and explicit) process of recording future predictions.

As mentioned, this IS an un-Grawlixed, explicit Pre-Show. Contains some strong language... like maybe PG-13 language? No f-bombs, though.

The Pre-Show episodes are a perk available to our supporters over on the Grawlix Podcast Patreon page. At the "All The Pizza" rewards tier, NOW ONLY $1 A MONTH, you get access to these awesome "show before the show" episodes. On top of that you also get the full episode as soon as it is edited and ready for ears.

To hear more bonus content like this please consider supporting us on Patreon:

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