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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

#30DayComicChallenge Completed!

If you are not subscribed to us on YouTube or follow us on Twitter you likely missed Jesse's recent #30DayComicChallenge videos... AND you may be a bad person. We won't hold it against you though because now is the time to make it right! Okay, okay, undue reader harassment aside if you missed Jesse's fantastic DAILY videos take a look at this playlist containing all 30 days of comic talk entries.

The guys over at the Superior Comic Show (@SuperiorComic16 on Twitter) started the #30daycomicchallenge and Jesse accepted. 30 comic book questions, one a day for 30 days. You can read through the Superior Comic Show's list of questions here. Jesse's vids are only a small part of what has made this challenge so fun. Several comics fans stuck it through the whole challenge resulting in great videos and wonderful conversations each day. I won't list everyone here but do a search for #30daycomicchallenge on Twitter and check out (and follow) the other participants.

Thanks to the Superior Comic Show (their YouTube Channel here) for throwing the challenge gauntlet out there and shout outs to everyone that added to the conversation!

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