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Monday, July 25, 2016

The Grawlix Podcast #31 Pre-Show (Free Patreon Preview)

Patreon "exclusive" content you don't have to pay for! Call it a Patreon preview. In this Pre-Show episode leading up to Grawlix Podcast #31 the G-Crew discuss this ice cream renaissance we live in. This somehow transitions into talk of Event Horizon, hell in space, Interstellar, and long movies. Mel and Randy take the Windows 10 dive and Randy laments the passing of his cell phone screen.

The Pre-Show episodes are a perk available to our supporters over on the Grawlix Podcast Patreon page. At the "All The Pizza" rewards tier and up you get access to these awesome "show before the show" episodes. On top of that you also get the full episode as soon as it is edited and ready for ears.

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